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Dinner Menu Monthly Subscription

Dinner Menu Monthly Subscription

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How often do you find yourself either not knowing what to cook, nor knowing what to pair that dish with? 

By joining our monthly subscription program, each week you will receive at least 2 dinner menus, along with each items recipe.  you can then follow along with Joelle as she live streams the preparing and cooking of that evening dinner menu.  

  • Weekly menus are emailed out on Sundays, leaving enough time for grocery shopping.
  • Average of 2 menus per week
  • LIVE's date and time scheduled in advance and can be found on @joelleuzyel Tiktok profile page.   

In order to activate your subscription:

In your cart, under "Order special instructions" please enter your name, email address and Tiktok profile name.

Please enter your email address after checkout for your subscription to be activated.

This is a subscription that will be charged on a monthly basis, and can be cancelled at any time.



How to use

We advise you to apply olive oil to your boxwood kitchen utensils before the first usage. Then, repeat every couple of months or when white spots appear on the utensils to extend their durability. Please do not dish wash your boxwood kitchen utensils.


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